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Accepting payments with Barclaycard

Accept credit, debit and charge cards with us and you could increase your revenue by giving customers more payment options. Since we started processing card transactions in 1966, we've grown to become a leading acquirer in Europe, where we've partnered with over 85,000 retailers.

You can be confident of innovative terminals and solutions that help you accept payments in the most convenient way for your business and customers. All have high-tech security features in place to help protect your business from fraud.

Chip and PIN terminals

Our payment terminals use chip and PIN technology for greater security and can be used at point of sale to take card payments in person. Choose from terminals that are placed in-store on a counter, portable terminals that you can take to your customer, or mobile ones for doing business on the move.

To further increase your revenue, you can add extra services such as electronic mobile phone top-ups and prepaid gifts cards that promote customer loyalty and your company's brand.

Accept contactless payments

We offer contactless terminals so your business can be a part of this exciting revolution. They allow customers to make quick and secure payments of low-priced products, simply by holding their contactless cards over a contactless terminal. Your business could also benefit from shorter queues during busy periods and customers who are not restricted by a lack of change in their pockets.

Take telephone, mail and email orders

With no set up or integration needed, our easy-to-use payment solution could have you accepting phone and mail orders in days. All staff need to take payments is internet access.

Online payments

Whether your business is based online or your website is just one stream of income, we have an e-commerce solution to suit you.

We have a simple solution that enables you to accept online payments using secure pages that we host on your behalf. Or, if you'd prefer, we also offer a solution that can fully integrated into your website.

International features

Most of our products allow businesses to accept a wide range of currencies. However, if you need to cater to tourists, trade in a specific currency or country, we offer additional International, Travelex and Dynamic Currency Conversion services.

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