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Proving that financial services can be green too

When people think of 'green' projects, most don't tend to put credit cards high on their list of environmentally friendly products. We're not most people though.

We know our customers are concerned about climate change and are always looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. So we've developed 'greener' credit cards and services to help our customers do their bit for the environment. It's a great way to make a difference to our planet, without changing their spending habits.

Credit cards that help you reduce your carbon footprint

Our green credit cards make it easier for customers to consider how their actions affect the environment. Besides online statements and advertising campaigns that reduce the use of paper, each card is made from PETG, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Barclaycard Breathe

This personal credit card was launched in 2007, offering customers special offers for greener spending. We've committed to donating a share of all profits from Barclaycard Breathe to projects that reduce carbon emissions, while 0.5% of everything you spend goes to the clean energy charity, PURE.

Since 2007, Barclaycard Breathe has donated over £1 million, to schemes around the world such as Solar4Schools, which was set up to supply UK schools with solar panels.

Barclaycard Green

Launched in 2008, this is the first credit card in Germany that gives customers a chance to offset carbon emissions through their everyday spending. To add to their contribution, we're donating 0.5% of Barclaycard Green's turnover to carbon offsetting projects in Germany, India and Brazil.

Barclaycard Sustain

This credit card gives businesses that frequently pay for air travel a chance to reduce the impact of their air travel on the environment. On behalf of Barclaycard Sustain account holders, we buy carbon credits which are used for carbon-reduction projects, as defined by the Kyoto Protocol.