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Supporting our colleagues to support their / our communities

We believe that charity begins at work. So when any of our colleagues volunteer we support them wherever possible, through £4£ matched fundraising, volunteer grants, give as you earn and 2 days per year volunteering allowance.

We believe that by using the skills of colleagues and the business we can ensure that we have a sustainable impact on the communities in which we work.

We make volunteering easy

With so many talented and passionate people working for us, our employees are generous with their time, energy and talents. They regularly volunteer in their local community to improve the lives of others.

Whether they're harnessing marketing, finance, project management or more creative skills for their local community, they have our support to volunteer up to two days per year during working hours.

How our people helped in 2012:

  • Over 65% of our colleagues in the UK participated in volunteering and fundraising for their local community
  • In the US 98% of colleagues volunteered to teach financial management, mentor school children and support their local community
  • In the UK alone we fundraised over £2m for causes our colleagues felt passionate about
  • Continued to support our US social enterprise, Brightspot ventures which provided employment and training opportunities for over 30 young people leaving care